CIM-TEK Tank Dryer CPF747

Cim-Tek Tank Dryer

Product code: CPF747

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The Cim-Tek Tank Dryer CPF747 absorbs any water condensation that settles on the bottom of the tank. It absorbs water out of diesel, petrol, biodiesel and heating oil. Ideal for use in vehicle and domestic storage tanks. Will absorb 440ml of water.

The Tank Dryer is made from super absorbent polymer and visibly swells once water is absorbed.

The presence of water in fuel tanks is a common problem and can be caused simply by condensation formed in day to day climate changes. However, water in your tank and in your fuel can have costly consequences. Cim Tek Tank Dryers are a cost effective and easy to use remedy for potential water ingress.

To be used in:

  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Above ground tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Transfer tanks

Length: 600 mm
Diameter (full): 40 mm

Comes with cord and fixing clip.

Fits tank opening of 2″ or larger.

Weight 0.099 kg